Is Trudeau aiming for a dictatorship a la Caesar Chavez?

Trudeau marches towards a dictatorship in his fiat to ban certain guns thus making about 100,000 citizens criminals. Yet another example of a power grab leading eventually to dictatorship, look at Caesar Chavez, Hitler, and Stalin, Trudeau was also elected.All eventually overpowered and oppressed the people. Brad Johnson, retired CIA Officer and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, provides rational arguments to support his theory. Trudeau claims the right to ban these guns without the Parliament’s vote. Ban guns and you take away ability to resist. Outrageous imposition of political correctness abounds – taking away opposing voices. (See Brad’s interview on the Canadian man imprisoned for calling his transgendered daughter a girl.) This is the agenda of the left – complete power. Canada is in great danger as is much of the world.  Will Americans allow this? In the U.S. we see some or the same playing out in the reaction to COVID. Minnesota’s governor, Tim Waltz’s power grab includes orders to police to threaten arrest to those in “violation” of State orders grossly limiting freedoms. Police threatened to arrest a woman for having a play date. Drones fly overhead supervising the public and yelling out to people to follow the rules or face arrest. Such surveillance is prohibited by law, but why let a good crisis go to waste? And there seems to be little resistance to his power grab – fear is encouraged to help quell protest. We should be appalled by such Unconstitutional moves. Brad suggests are more reasonable response to COVID. Watch the video to see. Be watchful and resist having your freedom’s curtailed.



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