Live Show Sept 30 with guest Jeemes Akers

Former CIA analyst, author, pastor, Jeemes Akers, discusses Communist China’s activities. We publish an article by Mr Akers every Sunday – Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeemes. A link to the article mentioned:

1 thought on “Live Show Sept 30 with guest Jeemes Akers

  1. On topic of Australia, the parliament there is under significant influence from chicom casinos and political *gift* donations. The real reason a cooperative agreement was allowed for *nuclear submarines* is as the name suggests, cooperation to share nuclear technology. Ask yourself this: If the Australian military is blindly following the orders from a compromised parliament that were bribed from chicom influence, why would an agreement be made against the chicom gov’t? Of course asking these type of questions will automatically deem you a *conspiracy theorist* and the rest because asking the hard questions might offend some traitor getting paid a six digit yearly salary on the notion of playing the idiot card.

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