Putin tries to appease the masses who increasingly want him out

A Russian Orthodox Church on the Chenega Bay

Putin is in trouble with many Russians, so what does he do? Creates another conflict – this time between Finland and the Chenega region. While it’s been going on for many years, Putin believes starting it up again is good for his PR. Brad Johnson explains this little known story.


Founder of Americans for Intelligence Reform, a non-profit organization, Brad retired after 25 years as a Senior Operative with the CIA. His multiple stations included areas fighting terrorism, and those succumbing to lawlessness, human rights violations, and communism. At AIR we publish what you need to hear that our media censors. Support independent news outlets by sharing and following.

1 thought on “Putin tries to appease the masses who increasingly want him out

  1. The Russkies never learned their lesson from the past. Fins have held the line since before the days of World War II, even dating back during the medieval era against the Vikings and Byzantines. Of course attacking the mainland after a successful defense in the middle of Winter time is a mistake Napoleon and the Germans learned the hardway. But the Soviet Union would not have even existed if it wasn’t for the globalist Rothschild bankers that funded the Bolshevik revolution in the early 1900s to buy off a government. The same globalist bankers that funded the chicoms, like Kissinger, going on promoting social experiments. After FDR became president, it was practically downhill from there, with a few exceptions. Even before FDR became president, the Bank of England—who made its money from the Opium wars and divided the Middle East shortly after World War I with stan names—made America indebted via the *Federal* Reserve, or the real story of the Titanic. John Dewey for example was a Soviet asset that used Teacher Unions in the U.S. to promote socialism/communism.

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