My Body My Choice – not in the Navy says DOD

The Department of Defense wants to go after un-vaccinated seamen by discharging and maybe fining them. Is this a good idea with China aggressively building its Naval presence in the Pacific? Apparently not. How many more of these counter-productive demands will we take? Brad Johnson analyzes.



2 thoughts on “My Body My Choice – not in the Navy says DOD

    1. Yes, Bradcasting is one of a kind. Better than mainstream in the sense that it’s not sponsored by Pfizer or some clown wearing a white lab coat without the NASCAR sponsored logos on it saying how great it is to take experimental gene therapy and wear a cloth on the face for life because a deepfake mask actor double on the news said so. Remember that scene from Terminator 2 with the voice changing shape shifting killer robot or Predator invisibility cloaks? That technology exists in real life. And this isn’t some tin foil hat crap, space warfare and space jets are a real thing that’s been around for decades. For example, Micro Air Vehicles (MAV) can be the size of a fly used as a drone swarm carrying explosives driven by an A.I., all I can say is if Skynet ever became a reality it would be because of the chicoms trying something stupid.

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