O Canada, what’s this about Trudeau and Hillary Clinton?

Before cooking the soup, let’s see our ingredients. Hmmm. good buddies Trudeau and Hillary Clinton, Peter Strozk, Gina Haskell, the disgraced Cameron Ortis – former intel with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the biggest ingredient, found in any decent Deep State soup, John Brennan. If you have any others to stir into the pot, let us know. It should be ready to serve once those 2016 Russia investigation classified documents become public.

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11 thoughts on “O Canada, what’s this about Trudeau and Hillary Clinton?

      1. President Trump if you can hell Canada to get this thing out of our Gov, you never know how great full the western canadian will be.

    1. Pass this on to everyone you know. “Impeach Trudeau”
      Sign the Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled.
      There is currently no election law at the federal level that allows elected politicians to be removed from Parliament before their four year term by eligible to vote Canadian citizens.
      We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the House of Commons in Parliament assembled to pass a bill that allows for recall referendums.

  1. If this is true and our 5 eyes position is already at risk because of Trudeau, this would be. a NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT THE LIKES OF WHICH CANADA HAS EVER SEEN.
    What country would trust us with anything as long as Trudeau/Liberal Party was in leadership with evidence we are Chinas waterboy!? Trudeau is the only leadership that has not called out China in the hardest of ways, plus having acted in any capacity of sharing intelligence with China or Clinton to bring down a President of the United States! That would be unforgivable and a … absolutely devastating blow to our character and reputation.

  2. Trump is our only hope to get Canada out of the UN/Globalists grip. Every Canadian political party and every politician has now taken the UN/Globalist’s bribe and have sold out their people. Every one of them need to answer for their TREASON.

    1. You are ABSOLUTLY RIGHT. our leadership may have been compromised via blackmail as well. This puts all of us in a precarious critical circumstance.
      We need Trump’s favor, being all of these junkturs lead to major military and cultural challenges right at the US back door.
      Time for action against the inaction.

  3. Trudeau has signed an agreement with China that they can put Chinese military on Canadian soil to protect their property. We have Chinese troops training in BC right now. We also have the UN police in Quebec. This is not it yet but we have interment camps going up all over Canada. What can we do to stop the insanity?

  4. Justin Trudeau is to be hung or firing squad for what he did to Fort McMurray and the forests of Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan In 2007, Clintons surveyed this area and found the largest uranium deposit. Clinton’s and Trudeau schemed to burn down Fort Mac and the forests so they could get to the Uranium.
    That is why Trudeau didn’t want help from all the countries who offered water planes Burn down the forests Kill all the animals. The NDP were in on it too as they showed no respect for the people of Fort Mac Instead they had a huge party in the most expensive hotel while the people of Fort Mac were struggling to survive the fires which burned hot as hell as the area had been laced with thermite earlier Deliberate destruction
    Then add the child trafficking and Adrenochrome that Trudeau and Clinton’s were part of. EPSTEIN ISLAND of which Trudwau and all of his pedophile friends Gitmo is their destination

  5. I’m very concerned how Blantently ignorant this prime minister thinks we are and actually we are quiet ignorant except the people that can see through this monmys sneaky boy . This guy should be charged buy U,S FOR TREASON LETTING ISISES KILLERS CLIMB IN BED NEXT FOOR AFTER THE GUNDING THE STATES HAVE DONE SINCE THESE GARBAGE CANS STARTED WARS ALL OVER THE WORLD . Trudeau us a leftist pie hole and im sure hes in bed with whom ever to try to take trump out this silver spoon boy has not done anything. Look at work resume discusting Maggie’s protégé not near elegance as Mrs trump,as for little pieces wife dito .this man should be taken out anyway possible period.Not a Canadian nor a brother to U.S ,NO SECRETE A CRIMINAL

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