Walter Reed Hospital target of Russian intel ops? Well, yeah, duh.

Reports say the Russians spied on the Trump COVID admission to Walter Reed and Brad Johnson says, not much news there. Why would we not expect the prying eyes of spies reporting back to Putin and his minions? The U.S. Presidential election is of great interest to them so why not throw all your talent and uncover intel? How? Well, the usual method to recruit spies – spot, assess, develop and recruit. So, who wormed his/her way into those juicy medical records? Whomever it was did it just like a good old fashioned spy.

Brad retired from the CIA as a senior operative and station chief of 25 years. His analysis comes from that unique perspective you do not see in mainstream media. Now President of his non-profit, Americans for Intelligence Reform, AIR brings you conservative and in-depth coverage of global and domestic events. Help us reach a broader audience hungry for good information to fight against those who mean us harm. Subscribe, share, support and follow us at and on social media.

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