OANN TIPPING POINT with guest Brad Johnson

The FBI has proven itself to be politicized and is weaponized against citizens. It is time to hold them accountable to We the People. (audio quality fair.)



Founder of Americans for Intelligence Reform, a non-profit organization, Brad retired after 25 years as a Senior Operative with the CIA. His multiple stations included areas fighting terrorism, and those succumbing to lawlessness, human rights violations, and communism. At AIR we publish what you need to hear that our media censors. Support independent news outlets by sharing and following. Brad is an enrolled member of The Cherokee Nation, a Federally Recognized Tribe.

2 thoughts on “OANN TIPPING POINT with guest Brad Johnson

  1. Brad, Americans do not know who Obama is. The censorship began already years ago with banned newspaper reporter Seymour Hersh. He revealed who Obama was in his articles “The Red Line and the Rat Line,” and “Military to Military.” The latter is his interview of Mike Flynn. Both articles may still be available in London. After Hillary and Obama killed off Qadaffi and turned Libya into a Jihadist paradise, the next target was Syria. Putin stopped them, but Obama and John Brennan, (converted to Islam by the Saudis), were actually arming ISIS and Al Qaeda — not secular rebels. The proof is a published DIA memo obtained by Judicial Watch. In 2012 Flynn was fired as DIA and now we know why. I’m sure you’re also aware of Guandalo’s site “Understanding the Threat.” Flynn also saw the DIA memo obtained by Judicial Watch that shows who we were really arming. It was Trump who got rid of ISIS! Obama, the “community organizer” who followed Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, has had the dream of turning the U.S. into the world’s largest Islamic state as he once told a French newspaper. I do not for one minute think the Afghanistan horror was a Biden “bumble.” think it was brilliantly planned. Undocumented Afghans got here but Americans didn’t! Afghan friends of America were tied up trying to get visas. I also think Joe may be faking some of his cognitive decline. Joe has also made certain comments indicating he’s in bed with the globalists who want to bring down America. I do not doubt he paid off the Iranians for the steal and also that he wants them to have the bomb. Patrick Byrne has a book on the steal with regard to the very hackable voting machines.

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