Price hike riots in Kazakhstan. Citizens revolting.

Protester arrested in Kazakhstan during price hike riots. Russian troops bring a brutal response, Since 1 Sept 2021, more than 106 are dead. Russia blames "terrorists".

When producing goods costs more than the goods are worth, how do regular people survive? Not well and citizens in Kazakhstan (under Russian control) have taken to the streets. Inflation has led to country-wide riots. Is anyone on the Hill paying attention to our own worsening inflation and the harm it does to average citizens?


1 thought on “Price hike riots in Kazakhstan. Citizens revolting.

  1. It’s by design to justify punishing the dissidents. Feds are basically the modern NKVD, so what better way than to put the unvaxxed into the concentration camps under the guise of healthcare. “Win-win” for the global eugenics program and destruction of the American economy and jobs.

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