QATAR AND MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’S WAR ON EUROPE by Barry Webb, 1-4 August Mideast update

The weekend of 02-04 August the Saudi-owned al-arabiyya TV channel’s weekly program sina’at al-mawt aired a show they called “The Muslim Brotherhood’s war in Europe.” Highlights included the following:

The program focused mainly on the situation in Belgium where Muslims comprise 1/5 of the population of its capital city of Brussels. Of course, Brussels is also the capital of the EU, so it is representative of what is taking place throughout Europe.

Turkey, Iran, and Qatar are all vying for control of the Muslim diaspora in Europe, as are
ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other groups. But it is the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) that practices hegemony over all the Muslims, not just in Brussels, but throughout all of Europe.

One of the Muslim interviewees, a Mr. Ramdhan abu Jasser, the director of the Brussels Center for Research, noted that in Europe, there is a moderate stream promoting assimilation and toleration, and a radical stream, but the moderate stream is failing (he used the term khataab, which can mean either a sermon in a mosque, a public speech, or even general conversation).

As an example he added that when someone from one of the (radical) organizations holds a confab, thousands come . . . and this is without talking about Jerusalem, the right of return, martyrs, or Iraq. But when there is a moderate confab, like one they just had in Rotterdam a couple of weeks ago, speaking about dialogue and settling down in Europe (assimilation), only 10 or 15 show up.

When Rashid Ghanoushi (head of Tunisia’s MB clone an-nadhdah (renaissance) party, thought of by the experts in DC as part of the “moderate” wing of the MB) speaks or preaches in the Middle East, only a few hundred show up, but when he speaks, or preaches, in Europe thousands come together. They come from Germany, Denmark, elsewhere and spend lots of money on taxis, hotels, etc. And, what he talks about is hatred of Europe and the Arab regimes, and to avoid assimilation.

Mr. Jasser went on to say what the MB has failed to gain in the Arab countries, it has gained in Europe, noting in this regard that there are millions of MB members in France alone.

Both Turkey and Qatar (the top two state sponsors of the MB) are heavily involved in gaining influence among Europe’s Muslims. Qatar has especially expanded its efforts to gain control over the mosques, and to guide the strategy of the MB in Europe. The principle of “Money talks” gives Qatar a nice edge in this endeavor.

The results? The MB in Europe preaches the death cult of MB ideologue Sayyid Qutb.

Qatar also finances the “Muslim League” in Belgium, having donated a million Euros.

One of the interviewees also noted that there are many other Muslims and Islamic organizations that are not members of the MB but still help to spread the MB ideology. The overall primary goal is to “raise the next generation of jihadis” and to also attack moderate teachers and preachers.

Turkey is cooperating with Qatar in this effort to make the MB supreme in Europe.

ANALYSIS: Given the birthrate disparities between Europe’s native population and that of its Muslims (both those who are citizens and those who recently arrived as “refugees”), Europe, and the world, is looking at a Brussels that by 2050 will be majority Muslim and politically controlled by a MB that hates Europe and Western Civilization in general. Bear in mind also that native Europeans have been voluntarily converting to Islam in record numbers since 9/11.

Brussels is the capital of the EU and the HQ for NATO. Anyone still think it’s a good ideal to keep NATO around?

Furthermore, the rest of Europe will not be far behind Brussels in terms of turning their continent entirely over to the MB.

In other words, the game Qatar (and its allies Turkey and the MB) are playing in Europe, is one of waiting, rather than violent revolution now. That is, while they readily support active terrorism in the Middle East and Africa, their game plan in Europe is to just let the demographics do their job while promoting the MB’s increasing hegemony over the minds and allegiances of Europe’s Muslims–even those who are not actual members of the MB. That is why they play the “we’re fighting the war on terror” card in one hand to soft soap the westerners all the while laying the foundation for conquest from the inside out by their MB arm.

Sadly, there are serious risks that America will follow in Europe’s footsteps if corrective action is not taken now. That is why one of he chief goals of Americans for Intelligence Reform is to encourage our intelligence agencies (and our politicians) to learn how to indentify long term threats (non-conventional as well as conventional) based on past long-term history as well as ideology, and to provide guidance on how to deal with these threats.


On 02 August, an al-arabiyya TV news cast reported that Turkey has been selling oil to Israel. This is an interesting development because Turkey and Israel are so at odds on a number of issues (including Turkey’s drilling for oil in waters claimed by Israeli ally Cyprus, Turkey’s support of HAMAS, etc.) that they are on the verge of war.

The origins of this oil are the oil fields in Iraqi Kurdistan which are piped or trucked to a sea port in S.E. Turkey where it is loaded onto an oil tanker and shipped to an Israeli port.


Back in October of 2018 the Libyan National Army led by General Khalifa Haftar captured the Egyptian terrorist Hisham al-‘Ashmawi. This capture took place in the town of Derna, Libya, a hotbed of terrorism before being cleaned out by General Haftar’s army.

Hisham al-‘Ashmawi was wanted in both Libya and Egypt for a string of terrorist actions in both countries. Egypt eventually won the legal battle for extradition which was accomplished a couple of weeks ago.

On the evening of 02 August, Egyptian talk show host ‘Amru Adeeb reported during his al-hakaya (the Story) show a number of details about Hisham ‘Ashmawi’s career. He had originally gone to Afghanistan where he became close to Ayman Azh-Zhhwahiri, current head of al-Qaeda. Then he went to Syria to become involved in the war there.

Tabbed to head al-Qaeda in Africa he left Syria, entered Turkey, and was smuggled by the Turks into Libya to set up shop there. However, in 2016 he ventured to Iraq to join ISIS there, and later also worked in upper (southern) Egypt and in the Sinai.

In Egypt he worked with a group called al-marabitun (garrisoned troops) which previous reporting had identified as a violent offshoot of the MB spreading like wildfire throughout the Egyptian army. He also started an al-marabitun chapter in Libya.

According to Mr. Adeeb, Mr. al-Ashmawi is singing like a bird and spilling his guts now that he is in Egyptian hands (not to mention fingernail pulling devices, racks, tongs, branding irons and other tools of the trade). There should be lots of good news forthcoming about the terrorism infrastructure throughout the Middle-East to Afghanistan sector.


On 04 August al-arabiyya TV on their show panorama reported that ISIS still has billions of dollars in addition to 50-300 tons of Gold (depending upon whose estimate you choose). With Ayman azh-Zhwahiri’s deteriorating health and the recent death of Hamza bin Usama bin Laden, look for “flush with cash” ISIS to become the dominant international terrorist organization for years to come.


Barry Webb has logged a 25-year career as an Arabist for the NSA, has two MA degrees in related subject matter, and is currently a Senior Fellow with Americans for Intelligence Reform He is the author of Confessions of an (ex) NSA spy: Why America and its Allies are Losing the War on Terror. His website is


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