Vote out the RINOS in Alaska and Wyoming: Two great candidates

It is time to root out the RINOS and vote new conservative voices in.

Conservatives want the entrenched RINOS and their increasingly left-leaning actions out the door. That’s why AIR is endorsing two more candidates in this Tuesday’s primaries: Harriet Hageman in Wyoming and Kelly Tshibaka in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Vote out the RINOS in Alaska and Wyoming: Two great candidates

  1. Look. Trump is toast. I’m just going to have to unfollow. You are clearly outside your element. For one thing, Trump destroyed the economy with the lockdown, put America on welfare…landlords could not collect rent? Checks sent to every American? That’s socialism. You’ve got no business doing this. You’re not an influencer.

  2. You’re behind the learning curve by a lot. Trump is going to be hit with a list of felonies as long as your arm. And every time you say “stolen election,” a slash mark is going next to your name. Because “stolen election” is now considered evidence. For some it stands as evidence of past involvement. For others is stands for future intent. In other words, if you say “stolen election” and violence happens then it stands as proof of intent, which is incitement.

    And on top of that you are in good company with the internet influencers who are going to jail. Dip Sh*t just got hit with $50 million in a civil case, he’s got two more civil cases to go before the other shoes drops and he gets hit with multiple felonies for murder and assault for his involvement in J6. Proud Boys? Oath Keepers. Oh! you in good company Brad. Your revolutionary leadership is in jail. And the top level of the conspiracy has not even been indicted yet. And in the end of it, you end up with a lot of slash marks after your name for continuing to push this conspiracy.

    Look. If past behavior is indicative of future conduct. Then it seems likely that the new confederacy is going to be treated a lot like the old confederacy. You are in a no win situation, following down a blind alley, into a box canyon. I need people more like Grant and Sherman.

  3. Dear Mr Campbell,

    Frankly, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    First, in a FREE country Brad can do whatever he wants. To say he has “no business doing this.” shows that you are Anti-American. Quite frankly he can say whatever he wants.

    And to say ” You’re not an influencer” like you get to decide that… give me a break. The people decide who they follow, whether you approve or not.

    Second, obviously Trump is not “toast,” no matter how much you wish it. If anyone is behind the curve it is YOU. Corrupt prosecutors can file charges against anyone, and corrupt judges can convict anyone, but appeals court always throw those cases out.

    The simple fact is the 2020 election was neither fair no free. Hundreds are already in jail, and thousands more will be going to jail over illegal election activity.

    Even just in the next ten days new ground breaking and irrefutable evidence will be revealed on this Saturday and next at huge events.

    Finally, on J6: The fact is five unarmed protestors were killed. This is fact, and no law enforcement died.

    Also fact is that Antifa and undercover government agents were responsible for most of the violence, as well as for opening the doors.

    Fact: 1 million people protested peacefully, and 1,000 were charged with trespassing. Most of those cases are going to be overturned.

    But those who planned and carried out violence WILL be found and go to jail.

    The dominoes are already falling, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.

    The Truth will come out, and Justice will be served, and Evil will be exposed, even if you don’t want it to be.



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