AIR endorses two authentic conservatives: Adam Steen and James Brown

Americans for Intelligence Reform supports conservatism – not RINOS. Watch your State elections because it begins there. Adam Steen & James Brown are two such men in generally ignored elections.

Politically conservative, intelligent news; bringing you updates and analysis. We bring credible news mainstream media prefers to ignore.  Elected officials have lost sight of the Rule of Law and public safety. Our international enemies seek to destroy and dominate us. Americans for Intelligence Reform (AIR), with a staff of subject matter experts and an numerous outside sources, analyzes and reports developments in those arenas with various media outlets hosting. Visit to learn more. Explore the extensive library of past reports where you can see history unfolding and gain background information you may not have known. Bookmark our site, subscribe and share, too. That is critical in this current environment hostile to conservatives.

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3 thoughts on “AIR endorses two authentic conservatives: Adam Steen and James Brown

  1. This is a total disconnect. Don’t try to defend Trump any more. This is a clear cut case of the chief executive attempting to usurp the entire legislative branch. You can’t believe for a second that Trump would have suspended Congress for only one day. He would have kept it closed “until the crisis is over.” These are the actions of a despot. Cut and dried.

    Don’t play the let’s exonerate Donald Trump game, or risk being branded a confederate. Because that is where you stand right now. And I would recommend not saying anything until you get this straight in your head. Donald Trump is finished. He will not be coming back into power. He’s going to be hit with murder and assault charges in relation to J6, inter alia.

    As of this moment you stand four square on the side of a conspiracy to usurp a democracy. And you are vicariously involving yourself in that conspiracy. Reverse course.

  2. The best thing for you to do now is to draft a nice letter to Liz Cheney assuring her that you are giving her the benefit of the doubt that she and the rest of the J6 committee members are upholding their oaths of office and are working in good faith. In philosophy it’s called the principle of charity. Any arguer who does not extend that in advance does not argue sincerely, because you’ve passed judgment before you have heard the case.

    At any rate, we are turning the tables on Donald Trump, and the pivot point is right now. By the time the J6 committee reconvenes in Sept. we should have “come to clear,” as it were, that Donald Trump is a tyrant who needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law–along with his co-conspirators. We’re pivoting in the direction of the Committee. That’s the only way to save the “patriot movement.” Otherwise we’re all painted with the same brush.

    Their strategy is that if they can’t usurp the government wholesale, they are going to try to break off part of the United States to create a (white) Christian homeland. It’s the same strategy the communists have articulated since at least the 1970s–to ethnically divide the United States into independent states. The Trump ilk has translated this into a new confederacy. Either way, the United States get destroyed and democracy departs the face of the Earth. And you’re helping it.

  3. Thank you for your updates and analysis. There is no deficit of fear porn in the news for the last 2 years, at least. Your approach gives us all real reason to have optimism for the future. Vote! Run for office! Support those conservatives who do!
    After listening to one of your videos I became a precinct committee person and have actively campaigned for a conservative running for the local school board. What an eye opening experience!
    Our voting is clearly flawed ( why does the post office need a new division just for mail in ballots any way? Nancy Pelosi’s husband runs the post office and some of the workers were given exemptions to the C requirement that the rest of us were denied). We can’t quit before the miracle, we must go forward.
    Thank you for keeping the hope and the action alive

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