Former President Trump met with key leaders recently to discuss potential administrative appointments should he run for office in 2024. Brad Johnson discusses this meeting and what prompted it.


4 thoughts on “What Trump learned the hard way

  1. I think I can reflect back on a true encounter I had here in Washington DC . I was working on the newly opened Afghanistan embassy for a relative of president of Afghanistan Karzai. When inside we were retrofitting the comms – and the relative of president karzai opened the vault and my own eyes saw from
    Floor to ceiling passports – mr. Karzai relative of president Karzai opened some of the passports and he would say “ taliban” al qaeda
    Etc – I guess maybe 5000 passports were in that vault – that was heading our way – I think I agree with Brad and that’s heading our way again . The only good sign at this point is if we bomb the poppy fields if we do it might slow the cash for the terror network . When I say bomb the fields do it so they don’t grow back !

    1. The Obama-era C_A won’t bomb its own money making machine. The argument will always be “they will move somewhere else” to justify allowing it. This isn’t anything new as the counter-state has been doing this from Heroin smuggling during Vietnam war to cocaine during narco-wars in Latin America. Nothing new under the sun.

  2. Yes it isn’t “ new “ what would be knew is people we confirm into positions of law enforcement- arrest and bring charges to actors involved with this regardless of whom is involved – the arm is long if drugs are in a state then local sheriffs can bring charges.
    But we the people need to demand whom what and where money transactions from those in office to assure nothing is going on.
    Frankly the drug problem with respect to exporting to the USA would be over in a year if we wanted it to be. Enough is enough with regard to pinning people down all the while pretending to get rid of the slush fund.
    Your own notice drug exporters carpet bombing of the fields – nothing they can do about it – if the United Nations cries bulldoze them out of the USA .
    Tired of the drugs ! Save our children !

  3. With the situation in Afghanistan currently out of control and Americans told to go hide
    Some news agencies report
    I think it is time for those folks who let this happen to resign. Americans in peril again !
    It is a theme of late here in America and worldwide !

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