Control trade routes and control the world

A look at the S China Sea and what China is trying to claim for itself.

As the Chinese Communist government continues its quest to control the South China Sea, India has become a defensive player. Meanwhile, the US military brass clings to the Atlantic “threat” from Russia. Brad Johnson reports and analyzes.

4 thoughts on “Control trade routes and control the world

  1. Will China be any more successful than the USSR , who could not pay for all their expansion efforts and fell apart,same communist financial plan that doesn’t work.

  2. Brad you are talking about an conventional arms race in the Far East, with China building new missile silos in the west what are the odds that India will start building more nukes to aim at China and Pakistan? My guess is they are going to be forced to do this.

  3. I had previously suggested that China would not attack Taiwan. I think based on developing behavior it seems like they want to have some sort of submission. With that said if we turn our back on Taiwan we might see the first Chinese navy attack in some time . I think it might stew for awhile and if they are building runways etc then the USA will give more away if we do not support Taiwan.
    The concern I also have is Africa I think they want to work in conjunction with Iran and strangle the oil shipments. They may just buy the oil from opec and bump the USA out of the oil position catapulted in will be a dependent captured nation the USA and the green new deal. We shall see how China fares with the taliban and the natural resources there. We haven’t seen china and their navy in action and i think they want a 100% submission by the USA on Taiwan – and I think they will get it. Taiwan will surrender its assets to China. The USA will do zero to interfere. I will leave the reason I think that up to everyone. But again we’re a captured nation. With respect to the Atlantic the issue there is mind boggling if we’re that worried about submarine attack there isn’t much we can do about it. The gulf coast area is susceptible to cruise missile attacks and our radar can’t pick it up . If that’s what milly was referring to then it’s a bit late . The domestic issues in America need to stop and we need to focus on security. Otherwise China will flex and try to draw others into this with war.

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