Wisconsin’s Robin Vos: hidden danger within the GOP

Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker, Robin Vos

Robin Vos, a hidden danger?

Robin Vos, the speaker for the Wisconsin state legislature, was first elected in 2005. He is from the same Rino cauldron that controls Wisconsin State politics and is clearly the most influential long term, state level politician and has been for many years. Too much power for too long of a time seems to have taken him down a dark path.

At Americans for Intelligence Reform (AIR), our immediate priority is this election cycle and separating from the Rino’s that have so damaged the Republican party. They are specifically and strangely anti-conservative. The perfect example is Wyoming congresswoman Liz Chaney who appears to be on her way to a spectacular primary defeat in August. If indeed she loses and loses big, it will send ripples of both fear and increased loathing for conservatives among the ranks of the Republican old guard better known as Rinos.  Make no mistake, the Republican party is still dominated by the old guard, and they rightly fear the conservatives who could take away their power. This is one of the reasons the Republican Rino old guard are so willing to cooperate with the Democrats no matter how distasteful. While in many cases these self-serving dupes are easily identified, such as Liz Chaney, in most cases it is not so obvious.

We all tend to focus on the federal positions such as U.S. Congressmen and Senators if nothing else just because there are fifty states with many dozens of elected positions.  It is just too much to keep track of. One that we need to start watching that has had astounding influence is Wisconsin and if we are looking at Wisconsin we must talk about Robin Vos.

Worth going back just a bit. when President Trump was first elected in 2016, he turned to the Wisconsin political machine lead by Governor Scott Walker and speaker Paul Ryan to fill many of the slots in his Administration. Most prominently was probably Reince Priebus who served as chief of staff. We now have the benefit of hindsight and can say with certainty this was probably one of Trump’s biggest mistakes and almost invariably, the people that were making up stories to damage the Trump Presidency came out of the Wisconsin political machine. Notably, Paul Ryan who went on to take the lead management position for Fox News and is the reason Fox News took a sharp turn to the left in its reporting and as a result has suffered a large overall drop in the ratings. By the way, I know for a fact Trump is well aware of this and if he should be elected again, he won’t make that mistake again.

Unfortunately, it appears that Robin Vos has fallen into the bizarre world where it makes sense to him to cooperate with Democrats against Conservatives like so many other Rinos. As Speaker he can slip language into State bills and not tell the others in his party. We find that very revealing. SB214 is one such case, this deeply unpopular Bill allows Absentee ballots to be counted prior to the actual election as well as be scanned so the actual ballots are then not needed.  The previously existing law only let absentee ballots be counted starting on the day of elections and the paper ballots had to be retained. Vos took the language from SB214 and snuck it into other bills on three separate occasions with it getting passed on the third try by being hidden in SB946 which did pass.

There are many questions and doubts about the integrity of elections. To anyone that disagrees, I recommend watching ” 2000 Mules” for some conclusive proof. Yet, Vos does something that makes it worse and not for any sort of reason that solves a problem.  Counting ballots on the day of the election helps ensure integrity–counting ballots before lends itself to cheating.  Knowing the results of absentee ballots prior to the elections is exactly the information needed to cheat. Nothing more, nothing less.

Brad Johnson

President, Americans for Intelligence Reform

4 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s Robin Vos: hidden danger within the GOP

  1. Yes, election Integrity that is why
    Timothy RAMTHUN is the only real choice for Governor. He has many years of experience and efficiency is what he is all about. America First Candidate Christian Conservative. People need to do their own research.

    1. Tim Ramthun actually listens to the people and acts according to the oath he swore to uphold the constitution (s)! He is a blessing!

  2. Great article but much too polite. Robin Vos is conniving for his own benefit. How he is still there is outrageous. Get to his district and have anyone beat him in primary. He is creator of drop boxes. And took thousands to millions from Zuck. He lied about wanting investigation. He got it and kept it private. He is full-blown criminal at this point. Call for his resignation. Wisconsin can’t stand him. They are certainly cheating in his district. And electing him leader again is total SLIME deal making!

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