Americans for Intelligence Reform endorses John Chan for House District 97 in Georgia.

America First Conservative, John Chan. Son of parents who fled Communism, he is now a successful business owner. His family legally entered the US in 1996.


At Americans for Intelligence Reform, we made the decision to seek out candidates who are deserving of our endorsement. This election cycle is so important that we could not just stand by without taking action and we urge everyone to do their part.

Rarely is the decision so easy and clear as it is in House District 97 in Georgia. On the one hand, you have John Chan, a conservative Chinese American businessman. Mr. Chan’s parents fled the communist takeover of China that took place in 1949 for the safety of Hong Kong. Having seen communism firsthand, they understood it was only a question of time for Hong Kong to fall as well and further emigrated to the United States in 1966. The communist Chinese finally did indeed crush Hong Kong during Covid, using Covid as the excuse for mass arrests with all opposition to communist power disappearing, these individuals were often arrested in the middle of the night never to be heard from again. One must assume most of them were eventually executed only for disagreeing politically with the communist regime.

As a result, Mr. Chan was raised knowing the true evil that is communism. Even today, various “undesirable” groups still in China are forced into concentration camps and used as slave labor. Much worse, it is well documented that prisoners are executed on an “as needed” basis so that their organs can be sold on the black market at huge profits bring the Chinese communist party large sums of hard currency.

Mr. Chan understands at a very deep level where the leftist movement in the United States is headed with their socialist/communist policies, and this forms the basis for his conservatism.  He wants lower taxes, does not want to pay out tax money to illegals, wants election security so we have fair elections and school choice to give the ultimate freedom to parents to “vote” for the best schools for our children.

On the other hand, Mr. Chan is running against Ruwa Romman, a radical Islamist who has an almost identical background as representatives Illhan Omar and Tlaib Rashida. All come from the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which was founded in 1993. CAIR would like us to believe they are nothing more than a Muslim American “civil rights organization.”  However, the evidence is clear that CAIR was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian franchise better known as Hamas. Hamas is a well-known and deadly terrorist group that was indeed officially designated as such in 1994.

In 2017 Ruwa became the communications director for CAIR Georgia where according to press releases by CAIR at the time, she oversaw internal and external communications, as well as public relations, social networking, government outreach, and fundraising appeals. A question I would like to ask would be if as director of communications included direct contact with Hamas? CAIR itself was one of 82 groups around the world designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.

Ruwa is against voter ID and therefore against secure elections and is a proponent of a socialist form of healthcare.

The difference between the two candidates could not be more stark and in many ways seem to almost define the political divide in the United States. A battle between good and evil.

Brad Johnson, President

Americans for Intelligence Reform





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