Mark in St Louis gets answer to his question about Gina Haspel, CIA

Has this friend of former CIA Director, John Brennan, done any “house cleaning” to rid the CIA of political activists? No, says Brad Johnson. If anything, Gina Haspel, current CIA Director, has furthered corruption in the agency, But the real dirt comes out when the documents from the 2016 Russian investigation come out in full de-classification (as per President Trump’s order.)

Now is the time to subscribe, follow, like, share and support Americans for Intelligence Reform. Why? Because Brad comes to you with 25 years experience as a senior CIA operative and station chief with expertise in interpreting the agency’s documents – classified or not. You won’t get that from the press, but you’ll get it here – first!

After his retirement from the Central Intelligence Agency, Brad founded non-profit Americans for Intelligence Reform specifically to take action against the damaging and irresponsible politicization of our intel community. This threat to our national security must be stopped.

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