Wuhan lab evidence puts Biden administration in tough position

President Biden approached the intelligence community to investigate growing evidence that COVID-19 came from the level IV virology lab in Wuhan. Brad Johnson predicted this for over a year now, outlines the evidence and gives his opinion of how it should be handled.


Brad Johnson retired as a Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations. Having served domestically and abroad, many assignments included areas of armed conflict. He served overseas in direct support of the War Against Terrorism and he took multiple assignments overseas as Chief of Station.

A certified senior expert in counterintelligence, surveillance and surveillance detection, his proven expertise in dangerous operational environments included the highest level of training available in the USG and globally. His tradecraft expertise was put to test in dangerous, difficult, and restrictive operational environments.

Brad is an enrolled member of The Cherokee Nation, a Federally Recognized Tribe.


In the summer of 2017, he founded the non-profit organization Americans for Intelligence Reform to create awareness of political corruption and the resulting diminished capabilities within the intelligence community. Serving as President, he brings you his unique perspective from deep, international experience and conservative, Christian values.

9 thoughts on “Wuhan lab evidence puts Biden administration in tough position

  1. Since Biden’s handlers are the “guardians” of transhumanism (as well as “inclusive capitalism”) why don’t they just enhance his cognitive function via their miraculous bio-genetic mastery? He could then be the great reset’s official mascot, as the first transhuman president.
    They could even rebrand him as Locutus of Davos, or some other such avatar, to complete the ritual “rising from the ashes” of senility.
    Your comments about his public “breakdowns” got me to thinking about this. It would be such a great advertisement for their great reset!

  2. Always like your analysis Brad!
    Also like your idea of taxing CCP exports to build a reimbursement fund. This may also make US goods more competitive.
    Your right on about timing if intentional release. But seems like they weren’t done weaponizing it yet. If counting were accurate then not much worse than a bad flu? Unless the shot was really the goal/weapon.

  3. I have been on the sars covid19 issue for better part of 2 yrs now . Lots of underlying issues for our country with respect to where and how covid19 came about. The making of the bio agent seems easy enough that it was made in a lab. What I’m concerned with is how it was lethally delivered upon the world and the USA. Long before the cruise liner in Washington state symbolic cases were popping up around the world. I have and still do feel like a death blow was attempted to SETAF in Italy also known as Africom. There is zero doubt in my mind a perpetrated bio agent attack occurred. I also believe the cruise liner industry will suffer positive cases and more lethal attacks on this industry as we open. The physiological attempts will be deployed by the communist now to beat Americans down now that we have some hope. I have in the past and still do think actionable responses should include .
    1: zero product from China
    2: expel all diplomatic corps from all countries
    3: turn the investigation of covid19 over to the Army –
    4: interview labs and scientific parties and gather a consensus on the facts surrounding covid19.
    5: deploy povidine iodine nasal swabs and mouth rinse .
    6: invoke and encourage Americans to have detect -t for deep covid antibodies –
    As well as diplomatic corps any people’s of a communist country zero security clearance. Start a relentless search on communist actors and supporters here in the USA.
    People lives were lost and families were upheaved our economy took a huge death blow. Our children are scared and this will last for years. 100 percent gathering of Americans together needs to happen. This takes leadership and the criticism of fellow Americans no matter which side your on needs to cease and desist. We have but one mission and that is the safety of our youth and young people in this country. Get with the program those that want to hurt others. This is War and America has been attacked we need all Americans to rally behind each other enough is enough .
    God bless America

    1. Your ONE MISSION speaks for “parenthood” and that’s a narrow view compared to Father God’s commandments. To be sure, Father God began JUDGING clergy and leaders worldwide in 2011 and is delivering the evil ones into the hands of U.S. MILITARY to EXECUTE [details at REAL RAW NEWS]. You can learn more from reading Mark Taylor’s book “The Trump Prophecies” written in 2011 and published in 2017 that DONALD J. TRUMP was “chosen” by U.S. Military, and anointed by Father God for the years of service in 2017, 2021, and 2025.

      MILITARY are presently in control of America until fulfilling its mission of the January 6th INSURRECTION by domestic and foreign INBREEDS and WORSHIPERS OF SATAN. Afterwards, POTUS Trump resumes his full visible Presidential role to We the People.

      POTUS Trump’s EXECUTIVE ORDER of December 21, 2017 on National Security Issues and Crimes Against Humanity had promptly, that night, dispatched 44,000 Marines worldwide to “collect” “beings” involved in the world tally of 70 MILLION gang-raped, murdered, and “merchandized” children.

      U.S. Military have been SHUTTING DOWN “systems” formed by clergy and leaders worldwide; it’s the first such ‘STING’ operation ever exacted upon SATAN’S INBREEDS AND WORSHIPERS in recorded history of Father God’s Creation and documented on film for the world to watch simultaneously! What happens next? FATHER GOD “COMPELS IMMIGRANTS TO SELF-DEPORT” from America, and the world’s nations, to their ancestral lands; any resistors die.

      ARE YOU WHITE? If so, then you must fulfill Father God’s commandment to ERADICATE EVIL ON EARTH. READ GENESIS and DEUTERONOMY … Satan and his one-third staff of angels attempted to overthrow Father God’s Kingdom on the 7th Day of CREATION while Father God tried to rest! Today’s scientists report the first remains of human bones are dated at 315,000 B.C. Father God made WHITE Adam and WHITE Eve to procreate WHITE humans for Earth. How do we know Adam and Eve were WHITE people? Father God described their son SETH’s progeny King David (1 Samuel 16:12) and King Solomon (Song of Solomon 5:10) as WHITE with PINK CHEEKS — the only skin that shows the blood that surfaces by emotions (e.g., humiliation, anger, happiness) and nutritional health; therefore, ancestors of Kings David and Solomon were WHITE people of the same DNA family. Satan impregnated Eve to birth Cain, an INBREED. It is unknown when, but Father God commanded WHITE PEOPLE to ERADICATE EVIL ON EARTH; however, by 211 B.C., WHITE people were hanging out with Satan’s INBREEDS and WORSHIPERS to the baseness of being “LOST” from obedience to Father God’s commandments — behaviors that still have not changed!!! Hence, Father God said to WHITE people and all of humanity that “imitate 7 evil behaviors” (Proverbs 6:16-19) belonging to Satan since the 7th Day of Creation, that humanity would be severely punished! In fact, WHITE people are THE reason IMMANUEL JESUS came to Earth to save Father’s “chosen people,” His “peculiar people,” His “ARMY” created to ERADICATE EVIL ON EARTH! Jesus said to Ju’s [nickname for Judeans … no mention of Jew in Bible] that He came for His “kinfolk” (Matthew 15:24) and not Ju’s because they belong to their daddy Satan (John 8:1-44). Father God said He would use the Ju’s to ECONOMICALLY IMPROVERISH HIS WHITE PEOPLE UNTIL THEY FULFILL THEIR MISSION TO ERADICATE EVIL ON EARTH (Deuteronomy 32). So, there it is … no more time on the sofa WHITE PEOPLE … throw away your television set and get into the fight … YIELD TO FATHER’S COMPELLING CALLING OF YOU …Trust HIM! LAST CALL WHITE people … “pray and repent in unity to Father God worldwide” as HE commands while you have breath and strength to fight the INBREEDS and WORSHIPERS OF SATAN. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT TO THE GLORY OF FATHER GOD AND JESUS! Amen.

  4. Interesting thought Brad on the means of spread. All the more reason this country and others need to do detect -t antibodies studies . So within a scientific certainty it would confirm several things one being when it was here . I also think the imported test kits and Ppe were infected. One thing is for sure there is no bat , covid19, no camel mers , no animal of any kind that played a role in this- period.
    Also remember the Iranian defense team that was in wuhan that died from covid19 when they got home to Iran. This largely was dampened down. As well as India under attack most capitalistic countries were hardest hit in the beginning. The proof it’s not over will be ( pop up cases ) like the more recent all vaccinated cruise ship. Ccg ccg genome is often used in the lab when working with vector viruses. Yet another happenstance. This virus ( bio agent ) can be changed – Fauci calls it a variant that’s lab chatter – not even correct terminology. The variants are proof of continued attacks make
    Zero mistake about that. This is a submission war and until all means of their operatives being able to operate here this will go on and on and on.
    God bless America

  5. For all Americans and its sort of seeping in through our souls now. The very adoption of any gain of function experiments into this is a bold intrusion and aside from risk ( I disagree with fauci ) look what’s happened. The issue underlying this we have know shown a country whom has poised itself against the USA how to work on these type of lab related death Petri dishes . So the intrusion alone
    Took place when it began in a lab the attack and subsequent deprivation and loss of life and human rights is ongoing. To have anything but a open book policy on how this occurred is frankly WAR- those here in the USA whom think it’s ok to tinker with this belong in a mental institution period. Any persons groups or otherwise that are seeking to gain politically financially or anyway or as guilty as those whom attacked us. Remember the attack occurred when it was decided to tinker with Mother Nature . The further attacks are still playing out . There is zero doubt this bio agent is the hands of sickness and morally corrupt people . Period – this will seep on through our souls over the months and years as we reel from this. It’s without doubt the worst attack on the USA in our history – and anyone and I mean anyone who is trying to gain from this is a enemy of the USA and more importantly our youth and children –
    God bless America

  6. One thought I have is that we had a knee jerk response to the first round of biological warfare- we rather then using methods that negate the virus iodine and other proven
    Biological documented warfare methods. We exposed ourselves and made a mRNA treatment that for all purposes can not keep up with vector conrona virus that’s being changed to attack.
    This is a gross failure and the security leading up to this is where the road leads to
    Communist. There is no way we should have Chinese scientists in our labs now or before under any stretch of the imagination. That’s a huge failure. Also the knee jerk reaction to the first wave we even more recently shared our methods of the mRNA to China. This is suggesting at best they are saying oh it’s a accident and everything is ok. We need to wake up and understand we’re under full fledged attack.
    God bless the USA

  7. Mr. Johnson, China has owed Americans $1 TRILLION for more than 100 YEARS. Therefore, CHINA either pays AMERICANS the debt now or AMERICANS own a piece of CHINA … that applies to OTHER NATIONS, too. MILITARY reports there are more than 20 MILLION Chinese “sleepers” strategically placed throughout AMERICA as well as all nations on Earth that EXPORTED their discarded INBREEDS OF SATAN upon Americans’ homeland … THE LIES OF 350 MILLION HUMANS IN AMERICA SHALL BE PROVEN!

    We the People do not need any help from the criminally-infested corporations, government, and military because WE THE PEOPLE ARE ‘THE ARMY’ LED BY FATHER GOD TO ERADICATE INBREEDS ON AMERICA’S HOMELAND, AND THE WORLD, WITHOUT HESITANCY!


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