Mixing Espionage & Politics is Dangerous

What’s Up Canada hosts Brad Johnson, CIA, Chief of Station (ret)

The intelligence agencies in the U.S. crowded out objective espionage, replacing it with subjective political agendas. Our national security and that of our allies are now vulnerable. How did this happen and what has it yielded?

Brad Johnson, CIA Chief of Station (Ret.), is President of Americans for Intelligence Reform and brings his 25 years of experience as a CIA Operative to news both global and domestic. He brings you his unique perspective from deep, international experience. Now retired, he formed Americans for Intelligence Reform to fight exactly the corruption and politics destroying our intelligence capabilities and threatening our national security.

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1 thought on “Mixing Espionage & Politics is Dangerous

  1. Brad, I appreciate very much hearing from you. Your honest opinions and messages are so appreciated especially during this age when corruption seems ubiquitous. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU.

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