Update on Turkey

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2 thoughts on “What’s going on in Turkey?

  1. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is like a man trying to ride a horse backwards into the future.
    He is throwing out contradictory policy positions – based on an ad-hoc mixture of nationalist & regional aspirations. He wants Turkey to be an independent arbiter of it’s own actions without consideration of the impacts & effects – that such decisions will have on the countries around it. He is a man of strong convictions that are partly based on Islamic fundamentalism & a very blinkered reading of the Ottoman Empire’s past history. In an odd sense – he is somewhat cut from the same mold as Mussolini – Stalin & Hitler. All of them populists who sought an expansion of their power based on partly fictional readings of past glories. A crueler – yet equally apt analysis would be to describe him as the modern day political Don Quixote.
    In a strange way – the politics & history of Turkey match the underlying geological under-pinnings of that area. Turkey sits smack bang in the middle of three tectonic plates (Eurasin, Arabic & Anatolian) that are constantly jostling and shaking the ground underneath Erdogan’s feet. So far – he has been able to keep his balance. But it doesn’t take a genius to see that eventually – his promises are going to have to be met. One way or another – Turkey risks triggering a cascade of internal conflicts and external wars that it has no hope of winning.

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