Obama and Brennan took an axe to the CIA. Guess how that’s working out.

John Brennan, the gift who keeps on giving, didn’t disappoint when he “re-created” the CIA by destroying it’s essential espionage operations. Who would ever think handing over the job of intelligence to other countries would end well? Obama and Brennan thought so and Brad Johnson gives a perfect example of how misguided it was. And guess who pays that bill? Yup, you and I. A retired CIA Chief of Station, Brad Johnson was there to see the terrible outcome of Brennan’s meddling and has a story to tell you.

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1 thought on “Obama and Brennan took an axe to the CIA. Guess how that’s working out.

  1. Spot on Brad. Our relationships with overseas partners have always been somewhat fickle and therefor needed to be managed with great care and skepticism. Regarding the current Agency leadership, I spoke with Senator John Cornin shortly after he had voted to confirm Gina Haspel and he was hopeful, but with some wait and see reservations, that she was going to work out well. In my opinion his gut feeling reservations about her seem to have been correct. She is not the person for the job. Cheers

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