Turkey closes Bosphorus Strait, blocking Russian Navy ships and Putin’s access to Mediterranean Sea

Map shows the strategic importance of the Bosphorus Strait located near Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkey’s frenemy relationship with Russia stretches far into history. Recently, Turkish President Erdogan makes his move to block Russian Naval aggression by closing the internationally significant Bosphorus. Both Russia and Ukraine must pass through if the Mediterranean Sea is to be accessed. Putin hasn’t attempted any breach through the blockade (at time of recording), but Erdogan has his attention and says he wants to talk. A sliver of Ukraine is heavily populated with Turks. If Putin has Ukraine at its knees, Erdogan has an easy window to grab the parcel for Turkey. Keep an eye on Turkey – they’ve been neglected by Legacy Media. But this IS important to know and Brad Johnson, President, Americans for Intelligence Reform, gives context along with news. Other videos on this topic going date as far back as two years ago. Learn more about the chess game of tensions in this region at intelreform.org.



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